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Thank you #01: You need tools!

Our first BIG Thank You

Goes to Sun Life Financial of Canada and the team in their Basingstoke office.

As we were setting up our Recycle Bike Hub, these very kind people stepped in and awarded us a grant to ensure we could set-up our workshop. With this grant we were able to purchase the correct tools, so that we could have up to four people working in the workshop at one time ........rather than Luke and I working in a shed, with our our tools!


When you set up a bike workshop, you need a lot of tools, and they need to be quality tools as they will get a lot of use. Then you need the spare parts. All-in-All, we needed a good amount of money up-front to get this project started.

As with a lot of things during the Pandemic, the availability of tools and cycle parts has been patchy and it has taken us about 4 months to get everything we wanted. But we are there now, and making a positive impact.

Return on Investment

The positive news is that we knew we could make more money from selling the bikes, than it would cost to repair the donated bikes. We could make an ongoing positive contribution once we got started......and that has proved to be the case.

Thank you to Sun Life Financial - you have helped us to make a real impact.


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