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A circular model

Keep it simple

It is a simple model that once started should gain a continuous momentum. You can give it a lot of names - a circular economy - a virtuous circle - the recycled flow - or as we describe it ...... a simple model that creates good from bikes

  • bikes are donated

  • the bikes are repaired and then sold

  • we raise funds for charity

This process creates awareness of the project and brings investment into the workshop,

which means:

  • we can receive more donated bikes

  • we can repair and sell more bikes

  • we can raise more funds for charity

Three factors drive the impact created by the model

1: Recycle Bike Hub team are all volunteers

2: We partner with the charity to reduce costs

3: Our objective is to obtain investment to cover procurement costs

That's how we can make £1 of investment create £5 in fundraising .........SIMPLE (*)

(*) you are correct - there is a lot of work that goes on to make the project work........ but it is a simple model to work within.

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