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Why the Recycle Bike Hub?

Updated: May 5, 2021

Let me tell you a short story.

Just before Christmas 2020, a volunteer who works with the warehouse team at Naomi House & Jacksplace was asked by a friend if he wanted three bikes, and could they could be sold for the charity? The bikes - 2 children's and 1 adult's - had been sitting in a garage for over a year and hadn't been touched - so they were clearly unwanted. The volunteer collected the bikes, took them home and gave them a clean & a service, and arranged to take them to one of the Naomi House charity shops.

Within 24hrs all three bikes were sold, raising over £200

When you stop and look around, there are plenty of unwanted bikes gathering dust in garden sheds, or garages. There are also plenty of people who would like a bike but can't afford a new one, or they may feel unconfident in buying a used bike, or they may already have one but want to replace it with a larger or better bike.

So, how to link the unwanted bikes to the potential cyclists?

.....and the idea of the Recycle Bike Hub was created.

- recycle unwanted bikes

- raise money for charity

If three bikes can raise £200+ in less than 24hrs - what Impact could we make with more donated bikes and a proper bike workshop?

You asked the question "Why the Recycle Bike Hub?"

We believe we have the chance to make things better.

We can use our knowledge to link unwanted bikes to cyclists.

We can refresh, repair or rebuild bikes and make them 'fit to ride', and sell the bikes with all the money going to charity.

And (as they say) "the name does what it says on the tin!"


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