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Thank you #02: Spare Parts

You need spare parts

It is a very lucky day in the workshop if we receive a donated bike that requires no replacement parts, to get it serviced and back on the road 'ready to ride'. Almost every bike we service / repair requires a few new parts.....the most common parts replaced are:

Tyres (perished)

Brake & Gear cables (rusted or frayed)

Reflectors (missing)

and something we make sure every bike has .....a bell.

A good return on investment

We try to use as many good donor parts (*) as possible, but we will always have to buy some new spare parts if we want to give our customers the confidence to buy a recycled bike. We have worked out that for every £1 we spend on buying spare parts, we can raise at least £5 for our chosen charity partner - Naomi House and Jacksplace.

Yes: £1 in spare parts equals £5 in fundraising ........that's a good investment.

(*) Donor parts ....saved from the bikes that it would not be commercially viable to repair.

A BIG thank you to our supporters.

We have been lucky enough to receive a number of donations from local businesses / organisations to help us purchase the spare parts. In no particular order (other than that is the order I down loaded the logos!!) , we would like to thank:


Richard, Luke and the team

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