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Impact Report 2022

Our Purpose

2022 was the first full calendar year of operation for our bike workshop.

We gained momentum during the year and established a strong base on which to increase the ongoing levels of impact achieved.

The four main objectives remain unchanged:

1) Save bikes from being lost to landfill

2) Get more people cycling on affordable bikes

3) Raise as much money as we can for Naomi House & Jacksplace

4) Measure the positive carbon footprint of the project

Our Impact

We maintained two Naomi House charity shops selling our recycled bikes, and the level of Impact achieved in the last 12 months was:

- 222 bikes sold

- £17,552 sales / fundraising

- 22.2t of carbon positively recycled

Remember - 100% of our sales price goes to Naomi House & Jacksplace.

That means - since we started, we have raised over £22,800

(excluding additional Gift Aid)

Bike donations

We can only make an impact if we receive bike donations from our local community - and a BIG thank you to everyone who donated a bike. In September we had to stop taking in bikes as we ran out of space!

In total we received 334 donated bikes

- 222 bikes sold

- 54 bikes scrapped (*)

- 58 bikes held as stock

.....we start 2023 with 174 bikes in stock .......WE NEED STORAGE SPACE!

(*) No bike is wasted - if we can't get a bike back on the road (with a sale price that justifies the repair expense), we will break it down for spare parts, or get the old metal parts down to a local scrape-metal merchant where we can get a value for the weighed scrap-metal.


To everyone who has donated a bike

To everyone who has purchased a recycled bike

To our sponsor of the project in 2022 - Two Guys Kitchens & Bathrooms

......and to a great team of volunteers who make this project work

Luke, Paul, Darren

Dave, John P, John E

Mike, Duncan

Thank you & Keep cycling


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