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Impact Report 2021

Our Purpose

2021 saw the creation of the Recycle Bike Hub, with three objectives

- Save bikes from being lost to landfill

- Get more people cycling on affordable bikes

- Raise as much money as possible for Naomi House & Jacksplace

and during the year a fourth objective was added

- Measure the positive carbon footprint of the project

Our Impact

The bike workshop space became available in June, with the first bikes being sold in August. With two of the Naomi House shops selling the bikes, the level of impact we achieved in the first 5 months was:

- 85 bikes sold

- £ 5,323 sales / fundraising

- 11.8t of carbon positively recycled

Remember - 100% of our sales price goes to Naomi House & Jacksplace

Bike Donations

We can only make an impact if we receive bike donations from our local community.....and thank you to everyone who donated a bike. Everything from a balance bike to classic '80s racing bike.

In total we received 223 donated bikes........

- 85 bikes sold

- 21 bikes ready for sale

- 33 bikes scrapped (*)

- 84 bikes in stock ready to be recycled

(*) No bike is wasted - if we can't get the bike back on the road we will break it down for good spare parts, recycle the inner tubes and get the old metal parts to a local scrap-metal merchant where we get a value for the weighed scrapped metal.

Thank you

A big thank you to the team who have given their time and knowledge to make the workshop a great place to spend some time creating an impact.

Luke Dave

Darren Paul

John Duncan

More Bikes = More impact

thank you and keep cycling


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